Love Quotes : Part 1 - Sayang Pacar

Love Quotes : Part 1

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 - Quotes, Untuk Pacar

“ I always fall for the things that i called LOVE”

“aku sedang memikirkan sesuatu,yang berujung rindu,dan rinduku bernama KAMU”

“never begging a love from someone who always hurts you,if he really loves you,he never make you do it,loves’re too precious to be wasted in”

“one person who can love your flaws is more valuable than hundred person who love you because your greatness”

“love is like magic. It doesn’t matter you are beautiful,ugly,fat,thin,rich,poor,etc. If he/she loves you,they never think about it”

“Tuhan mengirimkan beribu alasan untukku mendoakan satu nama dalam tiap sujudku,yaitu KAMU”

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